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Dedusting system

In order to ensure the internal cleanliness of the smelting workshop, a corresponding dust removal equipment system must be configured. The fume dust collection of medium frequency induction furnace adopts the movable semi-closed hood structure design. The fume generated by the MF furnace induction furnace enters the flue through the settling chamber and enters the main flue gas pipeline to be introduced into the pulsed bag dust collector through the attraction of the smoke exhaust pipe in the hood for purificating. The purified air is then sent to the exhaust air cylinder through the induction fan and discharged into the atmosphere.

Bag dust collector work principle: adopt chamber pulsing and blowing ash cleaning technology to overcome the shortcomings of the conventional pulse dust collector and the chamber reverse blow dust collector with the features of strong cleaning ability, high dust removal efficiency, low emission concentration, low air leakage rate, less energy consumption, less steel consumption, less floor space, stable and reliable operation, and good economic benefits.

Pulse bag filter is a new type of high efficiency based on bag filter. The pulse bag filter is further improved. The modified pulse bag filter retains the advantages of high purification efficiency, large processing gas capacity, stable performance, convenient operation, long filter bag life, and small maintenance.