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Furnace Transformer

Large power induction furnace system adopts special rectifying furnace transformer.

Furnace transformer is applied to the high voltage of 10kV-35kV in power system to connect with the proper voltage of power. This system applied specialized rectification transformer, oil-immersed and self-cooling.

For example: Transformer Model ZSS-6300KVA/10kV/2×900V. Primary voltage of transformer is 10kv, the second voltage changed into 2×900V, D/Y-11,d-0 wiring.

Resistance range of short circuit of furnace transformer is between 6%~8%. There is no-load manual switch in the high pressure state of transformer could output voltage through three tap -5%,0,+5%.

Gas relay and oil thermometer meter are installed on the transformer, output of which could be interlock protected with switch of transformer. When it alarmed by high temperature of oil, transformer could cut off the voltage output automatically.