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Water Treatment System

Water treatment system description:

The cooling water system is the basic guarantee for the normal operation of mid-frequency induction power supply and medium-frequency induction furnaces. The main components of the entire system are water-cooled, so it is very important to have strict monitoring of the cooling water system. Faults that may occur in the cooling water system in general include damage to the pump or pump motor, insufficient water flow due to water pump leaks, and broken cooling water hoses.


Two types of water cooling system 

1. Closed cooling water system

The complete closed cooling water system includes a cooling tower, a water pump group, an expansion water tank, and sensors and instrument for water temperature, water pressure, and flow detection.

The furnace body and power supply of high-power furnace equipment adopt two independent closed cooling water systems respectively, in order to avoid mutual influence of furnace cooling water system and power supply. The main reason is that the cooling water outlet temperature of the intermediate frequency power supply should be controlled within 55C, but the cooling water temperature of the furnace induction coil can be higher than the outlet temperature of the power supply. Low-power furnace equipment, furnace and power supply can also use one complete set of closed cooling water systems.

To be able to detect these faults, we installed pressure sensors in the inflow and return water of the closed cooling water system, and installed a temperature sensor on each water-cooled device. Cooling water uses pure water or softwater (user-supplied). When the temperature falls below zero in winter, it is necessary to add an appropriate amount of antifreeze in the cooling water to ensure that the cooling water does not freeze during shutdown.

The other is the low investment cost, which requires the user to build a cooling pool and use an open cooling tower to cool the power supply and furnace equipment.