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Induction Heating Furnace

Application: It is widely used in induction heating the whole metal materials before forging, extrusion, hot rolling, and shearing. It is widely used in car spare parts induction heating before forging; railway locomotive heating before forging; forgings of coal mine and engineering machinery heating; induction; non-ferrous metals induction heating; seamless steel pipes induction heating on-line heating; steel pipe induction heating for heating; steel pipes induction heating and steel cylinder induction heating for header-contracting; Oil drilling tools induction heating before forging; oil and gas pipeline induction heating before anticorrosive coating; large-sized bending- pipes induction heating etc.



1. Temperature raises fast, less scale, low energy consumption and non-pollution.

As the induction heating principle of the furnace is electromagnetic induction and the induction heating is generated by the workpiece itself, the way of induction heating has many advantages: the temperature rises very fast, there is less scale, high heating efficiency, and very litter energy consumption per unit heating weight. Facilities meet the requirements of environmental protection and non-pollution.

2. High degree of automation

Automatically charging and discharging can be completed according to the user’s technical requirements.

3. Balanced heating, high precision in temperature control   

For the continuously adjustable medium-frequency induction heating power supply & optional frequency, and under the adjustment and control of closed loop medium frequency induction heating power supply, the primacy heating temperature and temperature difference between surface and core of heated products can be ensured to meet the technical requirements.

4. Perfect Protection Function 

Water temperature, water pressure, over-current, over-voltage and phase loss protection etc. are set for the equipment. Also, an alarm with a certain temperature limit is installed. All these devices are to ensure a safe operation.

5. Inductor can be quickly replaced. 

With different specifications, multiple induction heating coil are configured. Quickly change couplers, which can change inductors in a short of time and rise the production efficiency, are used in waterline and circuit of the induction coil.