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Billets Induction Heating

The billet heating delivering (continuous casting & rolling) is an important step of energy saving and cost reducing, which has been applied in steel making & rolling field abroad. The overall process of the MF billets heating system, researched and developed by our company, is automatically controlled, with characteristics of low total power, small footprint, unattended operation, low power cost of per ton steel, heating length controlled as required, and max. consumption saving.

As for the heating of cold billet, steel factories usually adopt gas furnaces or gas heating furnaces for billet heating. The special heating furnace for cold billet induction heating developed by our company can replace the gas reheating furnace.


In 2010: China first set of 12-pulse 6000kW/1000Hz continuous casting and rolling on-line induction heating furnace.

In 2012: China first set of 12-pulse 4000kW/4000Hz ingot online induction heating furnace.

In 2013: China first set of 24-pulse 15000kW rectangular billet continuous casting and rolling induction furnace.

In 2014: China first set of 12-pulse 7000kW cold billet continuous induction furnace.

In 2015: China first set of intelligent impedance adjustment devices for MF furnaces.