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R&D Center

Core R&D Expert Team:


Wang Yousheng, Academician, expert in power electronics technology, from Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province. In 1950, he has graduated from Zhejiang University, and he is one professor of Zhejiang University. In 1958, he participated in the international pioneered motor internal double-water cooling technology. In 1970, he has successfully developed the first set of 1kHz 100kW thyristor MF induction heating power supply in China, and in 1975 improved the MF power supply. In 1987, he has successfully developed the largest (1500kW) MF power supply in China, and in 1988, the 250kW/8kHz simple parallel inverter MF power supply. After 1991, he has successfully developed a module-controlled MF power supply. At the same time, he has been leading the development of 400Hz ~ 8kHz, 100kW ~ 1500kW MF power supply series, and personally applied to the promotion of smelting, thermal processing, heat treatment and other industries. In 1994, he was elected as an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering.

Jiang Daozhuo, Professor, Ph.D. Supervisor, School of Electrical Engineering, Zhejiang University, Deputy Director of the Department of Electrical Engineering; Member of the Power System Automation Committee of the China Society of Electrical Engineers, Member of the Committee of Science and Education of the China Electrical Engineering Society, Agricultural Power Sub-Committee, China Electric Power Education Association, “Electricity, Power , The management committee of the discipline “Electrical Engineering Discipline Committee Standing Committee, Zhejiang Province Science and Technology Department “1 million volts high voltage transmission technology and equipment” major deputy head of the expert group, “new energy technology” major special expert group members. He has published more than 70 scientific research papers, and has received more than 30 articles by SCI and EI; he has won one provincial and ministerial level science and technology award, and 7 national patents, including 4 invention patents.

Mao Weijie, graduated from Zhejiang University in 1997 with a doctorate in engineering. He is currently a professor and doctoral supervisor in the Department of Control Science and Engineering at Zhejiang University. He has been engaged in the research and application of advanced theories and technologies in the field of industrial automation. He has published more than 60 papers in the field of robust control, decoupling control, modeling and control of complex industrial processes and servo systems, and has collaborated on one monograph. He has undertaken several National Natural Science Foundation, Natural Science Foundation of Zhejiang Province, and corporate cooperation projects. As a major accomplishment, he has won one first prize for scientific and technological progress in Zhejiang Province, and the first and second prize for scientific and technological progress of the Ministry of Education.

Xu Xiaoliang, Ph.D., Vice President of Technology, Power Electronics Technology Expert, graduated from Zhejiang University in 1997, specializing in research and application promotion of medium and high frequency induction heating technology. He has 9 self-invention patents, 21 utility model patents, and 6 patents in the acceptance stage. Technological Innovation: to undertake and successfully complete 2 major scientific and technological projects in Zhejiang Province, and 15 scientific and technological achievements and 16 research and development projects.


Company R&D Center:

Dr. Cai Zhuojian, Technical Director, graduated from Electrical Engineering School of Zhejiang University in 2015 with major in electrical engineering.

Bai Zhengui, Master, Director of the Center, graduated from the Electrical Engineering Department of Zhejiang University in 2010;

The R&D Center administers the electrical room, machinery room, technology department, and engineering technology department. There are 31 employees and more than 90% have bachelor degree or above.